Welcome to The Good Shepherd Multi Academy Trust

Our schools help deliver, within the Christian context, the best educational, spiritual and emotional outcomes for children and their families. This is achieved through partnership with schools, community, churches and our Multi Academy Trust, where everyone has something to offer. We want our pupils and staff to achieve their full potential. We believe that other schools, beyond the family of Church of England schools, will be attracted to the values of our Trust and they will be welcomed.

We offer the maximum autonomy to schools but make sure they get support when they need it.  We have an experienced group of directors who give freely of their time and expertise, more details about them can be found here.

Latest News : The Good Shepherd Multi Academy Trust Conference Day

More than 70 people are to attend a special conference for teachers and support staff of all schools in the Diocese of Carlisle’s The Good Shepherd Multi Academy Trust. The day event will include a presentation from keynote speaker Leanne Day, Principal Associate with TLO Ltd who will explore how a Building Learning Power ... [more]

Click here to find out more about Ambleside C of E Primary joining The Good Shepherd Multi Academy Trust, making it one of Cumbria's largest in terms of member schools.

Message from the Bishop of Carlisle

I am delighted to be able to give my support to the establishment of The Good Shepherd Multi Academy Trust. We are very proud of our church schools within the Diocese of Carlisle, and the way in... [more]